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There are a wide range of issues that can cause acute and chronic pain. Find out what you’re suffering from!

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At Apex, our goal is to get our patients living pain free! We can achieve this through several types of treatment.

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Welcome the Apex family! Please make sure to fill out all new patient forms prior to your first appointment.

About Apex

Apex Interventional Pain & Spine was created on the foundation of helping patients live a pain free life. Whether it’s acute or chronic pain, the team at Apex always puts our patients first.

Dr. Khan focuses on minimally invasive interventional pain procedures as well as multimodal treatments for acute and chronic pain conditions.


We help change lives through effective treatment and pain management. Hear from some of our recent patients about how Apex helped them get back to living fully again!


These are only a few of the many insurance plans we accept. Please reach out to see if we accept your insurance plan or find our about payment options!

Apex Awareness

Epidural Steroid Injection

Epidural Steroid Injection

An epidural steroid injection is an injection that contains corticosteroid and anesthetic which is injected into the epidural space to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

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Celiac Plexus Block

Celiac Plexus Block

Celiac plexus block are injections containing pain medication that is delivered into your spine area to help relieve chronic abdominal pain commonly resulting from cancer

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